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Chicago Skate Shops bobarazzi shops here
Londo Mondo

Clubs, Teams and City Sites bobarazzi skates here
Both and, listed below, have links to clubs around the country. Many are outdated but these lists are always a good place to start if your going skating out of state. Here are a few clubs that I know of or have visited.

Empire Skate Club of New York
Washington Area Rollerbladers (WAR)
Philadelphia Landskaters
Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollers (APRR)
San Diego Skate Club
Portland Inline Skate Association
Farmington Inline Skate Club
OPD search for Skate Clubs and Organizations
Everything Speed, OPD Speed Skating Search

EU and UK Sites bobarazzi would like to skate here
U.K. News and Photos
Citiskate Inline UK
Inline Adventures Around the World Careful it's in Dutch.
Learn to skate - In London!
More Dutch Skating but this one is translated to English

Pubs and Info bobarazzi reads these
The Skaters' Online Magazine
News and features from the world of inline skating, with special attention to fitness and speed skating. Including a listing by state of skate clubs.

Fitness and Speed Skating Times Magazine
Lots of fitness articles for the very dedicated skater plus race results and standings. Another listing of clubs, mainly speed clubs? I don't know; Chicagoblader is there, so take a look.

Inline Skating
Kathie Fry brings you information about all types of inline and quad (conventional) roller skating, including aggressive skating, artistic skating, fitness skating, roller hockey, recreational skating, and speed skating.

Kathie Fry's old site is still good and kept some what up to date. She has a lot of general information and adds a personal touch to all of her articles.

Frequently Asked Questions
A general inline skating reference, as well as an answer guide to some of the more common questions that inline skaters ask.

Eddy Matzger's Skate Central, with workshop dates, plus photos and videos of events the world over.

Duluth's "Northshore Inline" Race
Freedom Skate
Athens to Atlanta 86 Mile Road Skate
Midwest Inline Challenge
Zephyr Inline Skate Tours
Big Granite, 26 miles Ashland, WI

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